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Alfons Haar South Africa (PTY) LTD is a subsidiary of the ALFONS Group located in Hamburg, Germany. Alfons Haar is a 3rd generation family owned company originally established by Mr Alfons Haar in 1949

Tradition Precision Innovation

Alfons Haar South Africa has become synonymous with the Fuels transport industry in South Africa with a substantial footprint in the Automotive, Aviation and LPG sectors.

Alfons Haar SA is responsible for Sub Saharan Africa,  including Mauritius & Madagascar with its primary offices in South Africa.



Alfons Haar's product development encompases the fundamental principles of value add and value for money, resulting in the industry recognising Alfons Haar’s as the industry leader. Our commitment to continuous improvement and lower cost of ownership guarantees absolute precision with unwavering reliability, efficiency and simplicity.
Alfons Haar develops solutions for the storage and transport of fuels, chemicals and powder industries.

Alfons Haar manufactures a comprehensive range of meters for road tankers:
* Wet metering systems for pumped and / or gravity delivery of mineral oils and Automotive fuels.
* Dry-line turbine meter systems ensuring complete drainage of meter without contamination between product types.
* Automation & electronic control systems.
* Anti-theft product security systems – Metered or meterless.

PreciFUEL controller technology, eliminating the need for PLC's. Alfons Haar manufacture and develop into-plane refueling systems and solutions for the aviation market.
Modular systems ready to install with minimal added work required.


As a full-range supplier, Alfons Haar offers all the accessories needed for refueling solutions, including inline control, venturi, pumps, and all tank and line equipment such as valves, man lids, vents, and overfill prevention sensors and sockets.

The equipment differentiates with its reliability and superior performance. We understand, that a maximum available uptime and the shortest possible refueling time are mission-critical for ITP operators. This includes excellent data connectivity.

Outstanding is the PreciFUEL controller technology, eliminating the need for PLC's.

Civil or Military standards.
Stationary, truck mounted or ship installed systems.

Alfons Haar offers the complete range of equipment for LPG Tanker delivery systems. Today the entire PreciGAS solution represents the most complete evolution of LPG delivery systems driven by a integral concept

Each component of the entire delivery system has been optimised and reviewed regarding added value opportunities for LPG Tanker operators and available driver support and conveniences.

The direct installation capability in ATEX Zone 1 comes as standard, for details please reference

We consider a solution not as an arangement of components, we offer a real concept along a holistic approach enabling the lowest cost of ownership.

Venturi based LPG meter system with no moving parts.


Alfons HAAR produce a broad range of positive displacement vane pumps to pump low-viscosity mineral oils, Diesel fuels, Kerosene, heating oils and Gasolines. A special pump is also available for Solvents.

All the pumps are ATEX approved.
The pumps are available to connect to various drive types i.e direct PTO driven, propshaft driven or hydraulically driven.
Depending on application, there is a pump available to deliver at speeds from as low as 50L/MIN up to an above average of above 3800L/MIN.



Alfons HAAR is an appointed distributor to PEROLO located near Bordeaux , France.
Established in 1919, PEROLO is well known as a specialist company in the field of stainless steel valves and components for the ISO Tanker, Rail Tanker, Road Tanker, IBC tainer industry worldwide.
They produce a vast range of stainless steel Bottom valves, Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Manlids and Safety relief valves to handle chemical media, Oils, Foodstuffs, Powders and liquified gases.



Alfons HAAR is an appointed distributor to MannTEK located in Sweden.
MannTEK manufacture a full range of “Dry-disconnect couplings” for clean, safe and spill free handling of fluids, gases and bulk powders.
MannTEK also manufacture a range of safety breakaway couplings and swivel joints.


Alfons HAAR is an appointed agent and distributor for ELAFLEX (located in Hamburg, Germany)
ELAFLEX hoses, hose fittings and dispensing Nozzles are well known worldwide to be of the best quality and reliability, placing the brand in the premium sector of the market they serve.


ELAFLEX supports the market sectors of – Automotive, Chemical, Food Grade and Pharmaceutical, LPG, Ship to shore bunkering and many more…


our expertise


The company differentiates itself as an independent, family-owned global player for solutions in the logistics of fuels, liquefied gases, chemicals, and granules as well as machinery and equipment for the can making industry.


We listen and keep our promises. This is how we ensure that our innovations respond to global needs and at the same time providing optimum service. Our steady business development makes us a reliable partner. We value and respect every individual employee, admire the power of team spirit, our business partners and the global society and in combination with our overall company heritage, we offer the superior expertise.


We provide complete systems with a high degree of proprietary developments and in-house manufacturing. We aim at mechatronic solutions, merging the best of mechanical and electronic technology, maximizing value for money for a user benefit. Quality and appropriate certifications come as a standard.


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