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PreciGAS C 400 & PreciGAS C 1000

PreciGAS offers a reliable and precise solution for LPG metering, making it the preferred choice for accurate and wear-free measurements. This solution is suitable for both Butane and Propane LPGs, as well as their mixtures. 

With options for one or two LPG hose reel support and a single flow meter, PreciGAS provides flexibility in various applications. 

The PreciGAS C 400 is typically used for domestic LPG deliveries, offering a flow rate range of 25 to 400 litres per minute. 

For mainline LPG supplies, the PreciGAS C 1000 is the ideal choice, accommodating flow rates ranging from 60 to 1,000 litres per minute.

One of the key advantages of PreciGAS is its accuracy, boasting an unmatched PTB-type approved flow rate turndown range of 16:1, which is four times better on average compared to other solutions in the market.

Additionally, PreciGAS solutions are available in both conventional (manual line valves) and fully automated operations, providing unique options to meet specific needs.

WiPIT - Remote Control

WiPIT is a wireless remote control specifically designed for PreciCONTROL fuel and LPG road tanker delivery systems, providing an innovative solution for streamlined operations. This wireless technology is compatible with all PreciCONTROL systems, offering the driver full remote control over the delivery process. 


Need to know more?

With WiPIT, drivers can easily perform automated line changes, request ticket prints, and access a range of advanced features. It serves as the most advanced wireless cockpit available to tanker drivers, supporting all aspects of the delivery process. WiPIT ensures simplicity with its user-friendly driver operating mode selection, enabling even less experienced drivers to have perfect control. 

The remote control features an OLED display, facilitating full control and providing automated functions such as pre-set calculation and suggestion, LPG type sensing and name selection, valve management, chassis interfacing, pump and compressor management, and overfill prevention monitoring. 

WiPIT also allows for time-saving remote printing and direct monitoring of individual cabinet doors. With WiPIT, drivers can enjoy faster and more efficient deliveries, enhanced driver safety, and improved overall delivery system efficiency.

DIS - 1A LPG Density Measeurment

PreciGAS offers an optional PTB-type approved real-time product density measurement for LPG, ensuring precise and reliable measurements of density, volume, and mass.

This feature eliminates any ambiguity regarding the actual LPG grade and allows for the automated selection of the correct product name, preventing driver errors.

Temperature changes are common during LPG tank truck delivery flow measurements, but the DIS 1A sensor used in PreciGAS has a low sensor mass, enabling exceptional step response capabilities. Unlike other larger vibration density and flow sensors that require internal temperature compensation, the DIS 1A sensor’s physical size ensures better accuracy in the flow measurement process as it is mounted directly at the non-moving core of PreciGAS‘s measurement element that has no moving parts ensuring accuracy.

LPG Hose Reel

The ALUETTE hose reel series is designed specifically for LPG applications and is suitable for pressure class PN40. These HPSI hose reels have a compact size, with an outer diameter as small as 500 mm, allowing for easy integration near the LPG tank or inside a cabinet if necessary. 

The HPSI 3A model is a high-pressure hose reel designed for liquefied gas. It features a reel body made of stainless steel and is specifically designed for LPG products. The hose reel comes complete with a mounting set for drive installation. It is compatible with various drive options, including a pneumatic motor (commonly used), hydraulic motor drive, or hand crank. 

An optional feature is the integrated hose reel monitoring, which can be directly connected to the PreciGAS system. This integration provides additional functionality and monitoring capabilities for a seamless and comprehensive LPG application solution.

Why Choose PreciGAS


Fully integrated into PreciCONTROL for ease of installation and operation with plug-and-play between platforms

Budget Friendly

Cost-effective as base system is common across all platforms


Easy to support in the field via X-Master centralized processing system and open communications protocols

All in One

One solution that provides flow, density and temperature to ensure absolute accuract.