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AdBlue Delivery

Precision & Integrity

Experience efficient and high-performance tank truck delivery with PreciBLUE. Our advanced system supports high-volume discharge rates for AdBlue while simultaneously enabling precise metering of regular fuel.


With PreciBLUE, you can benefit from dual metering capabilities for both AdBlue and fuel in a single integrated system. Our cutting-edge technology incorporates Alfons Haars venturi flow meter for AdBlue and the reliable PreciMA meter for regular fuel, seamlessly managed by Alfons Haars PreciCONTROL system.

Streamline your operations with the user-friendly PreciCONTROL interface. Choose between volumetric or mass delivery options based on your specific requirements. Enjoy the convenience of a single access point for back-office data communication, leveraging the FTL protocol inherent to PreciCONTROL. Our system-guided workflow ensures error-free operation and maximizes efficiency.

Installing PreciBLUE is a breeze thanks to our compact factory pre-manufactured kit, designed for hassle-free plug-and-play integration. Experience the benefits of PreciCONTROL, which offers integrated diagnostics, easy installation, and comprehensive support.

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, which is why PreciBLUE offers simple and affordable calibration options. By minimizing calibration costs, we help you achieve a low overall cost of operation, saving you valuable resources.

Choose PreciBLUE for unparalleled tank truck delivery performance. Experience simplicity, precision, and cost-efficiency like never before.