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Alfons Haar sets the standard for into-plane refuelling Control Systems and refueling components


Control & Simplicity

Revolutionizing Aviation Refuelling: PreciFUEL Unveils a Unified Next-Gen Solution, Eliminating PLCs and Complex Wiring for Standardised Fleet-Wide Aircraft Refuelling.

 PreciFUEL offers safe and cost-effective automated refuelling without the need for electrical distribution boxes or old-generation PLC systems. 

The system is based on the proven PreciCONTROL technology and can be used for new refuellers, hydrant dispensers, or retrofitted to existing mechanical systems. 

PreciFUEL eliminates the need for separate registers, PLCs, and sub-systems, and reduces the requirements for junction boxes and excessive installations. It is compliant with all needed codes and standards, offers integral diagnostics for self-maintenance, and provides connectivity to aviation industry software providers. 

Overall, PreciFUEL reduces risks, downtime, dependencies, and operator risks, making it an advantageous solution for aircraft refuelling applications.

ARU - Aircraft Refuelling Unit drop in solution
ARU C 1200 / 2400 – Mobile Aircraft Refuelling Unit

Advanced Aircraft Refuelling in a drop-in solution that includes PreciFuel advanced refuelling control systems, pre-integrated with all components needed for comprehensive refuelling requirements. ARU guarantees safety and security as well as simplified operator functionality.

Unleash Optimal Performance with ease by utilizing the revolutionary ARU C 1200/2400 Plug-&-Play solution. Choose your Flow Rate from 1200 l/min to a mighty 2400 l/min.

Simply attach to a tanker chassis that meets your requirements for rapid deployment without complex design and engineering.