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Automotive Solutions

Automotive Fuel Delivery

Alfons Haar’s PresiCONTROL system is renowned as a market leader for none proprietary management control and simplified cabling that easily integrates all components required to securely manage fuel tanker transportation processes. 

PreciCONTROL easily integrates all manlids, valves, meters, and pumps as well as truck controls and external communications, while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Metered Delivery

Our advanced metering systems provide precise measurement with absolute integrity of any quantity delivered.

Create versatile multi-purpose road tankers by integrating security and quality control solutions inherent to Alfons Haar's unmetered delivery capabilities. 

Unmetered Delivery

Direct (unmetered) delivery with Sealed Parcel Deliveries (SPD) and Cross Over Prevention (COP) systems that include DTMQ (Direct Data Transfer of Measured Quantities) via gantry/truck API couplings. With our state-of-the-art X-Master controller, you'll enjoy a single point of data transfer and a user-friendly human-machine interface. This streamlined solution ensures convenience for both drivers and operators, making Alfons Haar the choice for seamless operations.

SPDS - The Sealed Parcel Delivery System

For over a decade, SPDS has been the proven concept for secure and efficient full-compartment deliveries. Our innovative system seals all access points of tank compartments, pipes, and fittings, ensuring the integrity of your deliveries from loading to discharge.


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Unlike traditional mechanical seals that may not detect tampering, Alfons Haar’s Sealed Parcel Delivery System (SPDS) incorporates cutting-edge electronics and specifically designed tank accessories to ensure an advanced SPDS that is both reliable and cost-effective for transporting valuable fuels from loading points to the point of sale.

With SPDS, no valve can be opened, and no product can be removed without detection being recorded in the system log with an exact time stamp.

Here’s why SPDS is the leading choice in today’s market:


1. Tangible Benefits:
– Lowest total cost of ownership, including capital and operational expenses.
– Lightweight design for increased efficiency and reduced truck fuel consumption.
– Simultaneous delivery of multiple tanker compartments, saving time and resources.
– Unrestricted flow ensures the fastest delivery times.
– Eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly meter or dipstick calibrations.
– Maintenance-free metering system, reducing maintenance expenditures.
– Guarantees accurate volume data with minimal measurement uncertainty across the entire supply chain, from terminal to nozzle.
– Identifies even the smallest losses, unlike traditional metering and electronic dipstick methods.
– Streamlines operations with its straightforward and user-friendly interface.
– Real-time verification for unattended deliveries, ensuring exceptional security measures.


2. Alfons Haar SPDS Core Advantages:
– Complies with SPDS specifications, following the EN 15208 reference.
– Tamper-proof accessories integral with the technology, providing reliable loss control during unmetered deliveries.
– System includes automatic log analytics for instant access to information without needing to export data to 3rd party system.
– Non-modifiable log for secure and auditable records.
– Scalable system that can adapt to evolving needs.
– Supports remote communications through the FTL protocol (EN 15969-1).
– Compatible with COP (EN 14116) for crossover prevention.
– Integrates with DTMQ (WELMEC, paper 10.2, data transfer of measured quantities), enabling accurate volume data transfer from loading terminals to the point of sale.

COP - Cross Over Prevention

Alfons Haar’s Cross Over Prevention (COP) solution ensures that varying products (i.e. Petrol or Diesel) loaded into a multi-compartment fueling tanker are accurately recorded by compartment and delivered to a customer ensuring that the correct product is delivered in the quantity ordered without contamination.

During gantry loading, the specific product information/data is electronically transferred to the X-Master control system on the tanker, which manages Cross Over Prevention in each compartment. It then correctly decants the correct product as needed and eliminates potential operator error preventing erroneously loading the wrong product.

At delivery, the X-Masters Cross Over Prevention software ensures that only the correct product is decanted in the quantity ordered while also monitoring required connections to the vapour recovery hose and overfill prevention sensor (conforms to EN 13616 standard).

OPS - Overfill Prevention System

Our state-of-the-art Overfill Prevention System (OPS) is specifically designed to monitor the filling of multi-compartment bottom-loaded fueling tankers. Our Overfill Prevention System provides safe operations by adhering to strict EN 13922 standards.

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Key Components of the OPS:

  1. Tank Truck Components:
  • Fail-safe, 5-wire EuroSENS overfill prevention sensor for each compartment
  • EuroLINK C, a 10-pin socket connected to the terminal loading controller
  1. Gantry/Terminal Components:
  • Terminal loading controller, which drives the EuroSENS in the tank truck and automatically detects 2-wire and 5-wire systems
  • Cable from the terminal controller with a 10-pin plug, connected to the tank truck’s 10-pin socket

Seamless Installation with EuroLINK C and OPS EuroSENS:

The EuroLINK C and the new OPS EuroSENS are designed for effortless plug & play installation, saving valuable time and eliminating installation errors.

Optional Enhanced Features:

For added convenience, our optional EuroLINK C+ and EuroLINK PC+ models offer a pre-gantry system check with a simple push of a button on the EuroLINK C. The EuroLINK PC+ seamlessly integrates into the Alfons Haar PreciCONTROL applications and utilizes a single EuroSENS per compartment, enabling self-loading overfill prevention.

Upgrade to the EN 13922-compliant Overfill Prevention System (OPS) for unmatched safety and efficiency in your tank truck operations.

Automated Manifold Systems

Revolutionizing Product Management and loss control for Tank Trailer Fuel Deliveries

Discover the power of cutting-edge technology with our Automated Manifold Systems designed to ensure reliable product management, preventing loss and contamination.


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Alfons Haar offers factory pre-assembled manifolds that are fully automated, eliminating the need for junction boxes or complex electrical connections. Our state-of-the-art PreciBUS cable effortlessly connects the entire system, streamlining operations and enhancing convenience.

Benefits at a Glance:

1. Streamlined Driver Handling: Our manifold systems simplify the driver’s tasks, making fuel deliveries extremely simple and hassle-free.

2. Parallel Delivery Operations: Say goodbye to jumper hoses and welcome increased efficiency and risk reduction. Our manifolds enable multiple delivery operations to run in parallel, boosting productivity.

3. Multi-Product Delivery: With our manifold systems, you can deliver multiple products simultaneously through gravity. No more waiting or complex setups.

4. Versatile Delivery Options: Whether you prefer standalone or simultaneously pumped delivery, our systems have you covered. Experience the flexibility of bulk or wet hose operation, tailored to your specific needs.


Alfons Haar’s Core Differentiator:

Our automated manifold systems excel in preventing product cross-over, offering unparalleled protection. Complemented by our patented Product Return Spouts, the systems automatically route returned products to the correct compartment or halt operations in case of any hose handling errors.


Installation made easy: Our factory pre-manufactured manifolds, combined with a single PreciBUS cable and pressurized air supply connection, ensure the fastest and most reliable installation process.


Tamper-Proof Accessories: Loss control is a top priority. Our manifold systems include tamper-proof accessories that safeguard against unauthorised decanting, providing peace of mind.


Superior Couplings: Our couplings meet the highest standards. They are available with Sealed Parcel Delivery System conforming to EN 15208 and Cross Over Prevention conforming to EN 14116.

We also offer the recommended COP extension DTMQ (WELMEC, paper 10.2, data transfer of measured quantities), enabling accurate volume data transfer from the loading terminal via API couplings. This feature empowers you to automate inventory data entry into the delivery system controller and conduct real-time meter versus inventory verifications.

Unleash the Full Potential: Our Automated Tank Truck Manifold Systems seamlessly integrate with PreciCONTROL and can be combined with PreciTURBO, PreciPURE, and PreciMA metering solutions, offering a comprehensive fuel management ecosystem.

Why Choose Our Tanker Solutions


Fully integrated into PreciCONTROL for ease of installation and operation with plug-and-play between platforms

Budget Friendly

Cost-effective as base system is common across all platforms


Easy to support in the field via X-Master centralized processing system and open communications protocols

All in One

One solution to manage complete tanker operations eliminating multi-vendor complications