Alfons Haar South Africa

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Unmetered Delivery

Security & Integrity

A Device for Transferring Measured Quantities refers to a calibrated and approved tank truck meterless system designed to facilitate the transfer of metrological data from a depot to a service station, specifically for the purpose of sales transactions.

What sets Alfons Haar apart is our ability to seamlessly integrate metering systems with various delivery methods catering to your specific needs.

Whether you prefer direct (unmetered) delivery, sealed parcel deliveries (SPD), or crossover preventions (COP) systems, including DTMQ (Direct Data Transfer of Measured Quantities) via gantry/truck API couplings – we have you covered. Say goodbye to cables, radios, and manual operations – our systems offer 100% automatic, hassle-free data transfer.

With our state-of-the-art Guard-Master controller, you will enjoy a single point of data transfer and a user-friendly human-machine interface. This streamlined solution ensures convenience for both drivers and operators, making Alfons Haar the go to choose for seamless operations.

When it comes to transporting and delivering liquid products, we understand that integrity and accuracy are paramount. That’s why we offer two comprehensive options:

(1) Unmetered Delivery: Your products are securely sealed during transport, guaranteeing their integrity and safety.

(2) Metered Delivery: Our advanced metering systems provide precise measurement, ensuring the integrity of the quantity delivered.

Moreover, these solutions can be combined to create versatile multi-purpose road tankers. You can even extend the metering capabilities by integrating quality control solutions or implementing product cross-over prevention measures.