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Tanker Management & Control


Alfons Haar’s PresiCONTROL system is widely recognized for its excellence in non-proprietary management control and simplified cabling systems. It offers seamless integration of various components necessary for the secure management of fuel tanker transportation processes. PreciCONTROL effectively incorporates manlids, valves, sensors, visual displays, dead man switches, meters, pumps, truck controls, and external communications. Moreover, it ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations.


X-MasterPreciBUSPreciNODE is all you need to replace old-school PLCs to increase security, performance, ease of installation and a simple user interface.

Alfons Haar’s PreciBUS is an ATEX-approved cable bus network system, designed for Zone 1 environments.

PreciBUS provides unrivalled flexibility and scalability by enabling all components to be connected to a single bus cable with cable-piercing connectors. It provides convenient and rapid connectivity for installed equipment without complex termination processes, making it easily adaptable to any tanker application.

PreciBUS reduces installation time and complexity by replacing terminal boxes and hundreds of cables with a single and neat plug-and-play bus cable. This not only substantially reduces cost, but also increases reliability and simplifies maintenance.

PreciBUS + X-Master and PreciNode combine together to provide the most powerful control and communication platform for tanker operations and all on a single cable. This combined with our cable piercing connectors provides the simplest and most versatile platform in the industry.

Eliminate PLC's & Cabling Complexity
Safety & Simplicity delivered by X-Maste control series

The X-Master platform provides a series of comprehensive systems that manage every aspect of tanker delivery for Automotive Fuel, LPG and Aviation Refuelling applications. This is achieved by communicating with each component in the delivery process from compartment monitoring through manifold, metering and chassis controls.

X-Master is available in 3 optimised configurations: 

  • Count-Master optimised for metered fuel & LPG operations
  • ARU-Master for managing all aspects of Aviation Refuelling operations
  • Guard-Master used in none metered delivery environments that still require safety and security. Guard-Master provides SPDA, OPS, COP, etc.

With a single human-machine interface (HMI), it is configured to provide multiple functions including inventory management, metering with delivery control, as well as managing systems like SPDS (Sealed Parcel Delivery System), OPS (Overfill Prevention), COP (Cross Over Prevention), and DTMQ (Device for Transferring Measured Quantities) systems.

X-Master supports FTL (Fuel Truck Link) communications standard for seamless integration with external data management systems. X-Master is available with a standard LCD display or OLED display suitable for low-temperature conditions.

PreciNODE options......
  • PreciNODE I4/O3 for 4 electronic inputs featured with M12 quick connection sockets and 3 active pneumatic outputs for valve and similar operations. Extra solenoid valves are not required.
  • PreciNODE M AI4…20 for analogue signal inputs featured with M12 quick connector socket
  • PreciNODE ODIS – Flat LED super bright overhead display always 100% accurate to the actual delivered amounts shown on the display or direct printed ticket. The brightness adjusts automatically according daylight measurement which comes as a standard.
  • PreciNODE M Lux RGB LED module act as multi-colour capable status indicators or automatically activated super bright working area illuminations.
  • PreciNODE M RFID offers undoubted driver and supervisor identification.
  • PreciNODE M Inclino may detect unprohibited tanker operations as part of loss control and crossover prevention (avoiding compartment and pipe residues).
  • PreciNODE M Radio may connect the WiPIT remote control unit.
PreciNODE – Electronic I/O & Pneumatic Control


PreciNODE I/O nodes plug directly onto Alfons Haar PreciBUS single cable connectivity system effortlessly linking X-Master to every component installed on fuel, LPG, cryogenic, and aviation refueling tankers. 

The PreciBUS systems combined with PreciNODEs effortlessly and reliably integrates all equipment and sensors into a robustly managed system. PreciNODEs serve as the input and output interface for a wide range of sensors, valves, and actuators.

LEDs located on the PreciNOD provide real-time indicators of go-no-go operations and feedback on diagnostics to enable unrivalled operator feedback and convenience. Utilizing the LED’s as a diagnostics tool to isolate potential areas of fault ensure maximum uptime of tanker operations. 

Designed for durability in LPG, Aviation, and automotive refuelling, PreciNODEs can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions adhering to type IP67 and ATEX Zone 1 criterion, making them suitable for use in military and marine applications.

WiPIT - Remote Control

WiPIT is a wireless remote control specifically designed for PreciCONTROL fuel and LPG road tanker delivery systems, providing an innovative solution for streamlined operations. This wireless technology is compatible with all PreciCONTROL systems, offering the driver full remote control over the delivery process. 


Need to know more?

With WiPIT, drivers can easily perform automated line changes, request ticket prints, and access a range of advanced features. It serves as the most advanced wireless cockpit available to tanker drivers, supporting all aspects of the delivery process. WiPIT ensures simplicity with its user-friendly driver operating mode selection, enabling even less experienced drivers to have perfect control. 

The remote control features an OLED display, facilitating full control and providing automated functions such as pre-set calculation and suggestion, LPG type sensing and name selection, valve management, chassis interfacing, pump and compressor management, and overfill prevention monitoring. 

WiPIT also allows for time-saving remote printing and direct monitoring of individual cabinet doors. With WiPIT, drivers can enjoy faster and more efficient deliveries, enhanced driver safety, and improved overall delivery system efficiency.

Open Standards - FTL (Fuel Truck Link)​

The PreciCONTROL solution seamlessly manages every aspect of the tanker system from loading to offloading operations in a guaranteed Sealed Parcel Delivery System. PreciCONTROL is developed around open communications standards and complies with industry regulations. Unlock the power of seamless communication with Alfons Haar’s cutting-edge Fuel Truck Link (FTL) technology. Designed to support the industry standard FTL communication protocol providing unmatched compatibility and reliability.

Need to know more?

Developed in collaboration with major oil companies and system manufacturers, the FTL communication protocol EN 15969 is the independent standard that drives the fuel tanker industry. By actively contributing to the ongoing development of the FTL Standard, Alfons Haar is dedicated to simplifying operations and eliminating integration headaches caused by proprietary protocols. Embrace a future of limitless possibilities with FTL.


Experience the following benefits when you choose our solution:

1. Proven Interface Protocol: Trust in a time-tested and reliable communication framework.

2. European Norm (EN) Standard: Stay ahead of the curve with a protocol-driven by market demand.

3. Freedom of Choice: Avoid vendor lock-in and enjoy seamless selection among competitive solution providers.

4. Streamlined Support: Count on one unified standard, reducing support efforts and increasing efficiency.

5. Enhanced Communication: Achieve bi-directional communication for precise order execution, real-time status updates, and seamless data retrieval.

6. Intelligent Data Processing: Leverage FTL log transfer for remote data processing and event analysis, enabling smarter decision-making.

7. Risk Reduction: Minimize downtime and dependencies, ensuring a smoother and more reliable operation.


Join the ranks of industry leaders who have embraced FTL technology, and unlock a future where interoperability and efficiency are at the forefront.